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Miscarriages of Justice

About the Issue:

Miscarriages of Justice is an annual issue of the Albany Law Review produced in collaboration with the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice.  The inaugural Miscarriages of Justice issue was published following the 2010 State Constitutional Commentary symposium, entitled: “Wrongful Convictions.”  The Albany Law Review, specifically the Executive Editor for Miscarriages of Justice, will work closely with a Professional Board of Editors, comprised of both students and faculty, who study or teach within the School of Criminal Justice at the University at Albany.  As a partnership between Albany Law School and the State University of New York at Albany, Miscarriages of Justice is intended to be an interdisciplinary bridge between law and social science.  By focusing on the issues surrounding miscarriages of justice, the book attempts to draw attention to the criminal justice system and provide a discussion of ways to eliminate errors and promote useful reform. A central goal of the book is to provide a balanced representation, addressing both sides of the situation: those situations in which the innocent are convicted, and those in which the guilty go free.

Each issue is organized around a central theme, exploring some aspect of miscarriages of justice.  The theme for the Fourth Annual issue of Miscarriages of Justice in 2014was “The Law‘s Pursuit of Truth and Justice: Congruence and Conflict.”  The theme for this year‘s issue of Miscarriages of Justice is “Crime and Justice, Rights and Roles: The Alignment of Gender, Identity and Sexuality with Law and Adjudication.”

Article Submissions:

For Article submissions specifically to be evaluated for publication in the Albany Law Review's Miscarriages of Justice issue please review the following link, or contact Meredith Dedopoulos Executive Editor for Miscarriages of Justice directly.